"...The great thing with TKD is that it is like having a personal trainer..."

"I started Tae Kwon Do (TKD) in January 2009 after a period of 3 years where I hadn't done any exercise. Pervious to that I had been fairly fit training in the gym and swimming, however, with a growing family and increase in work, the gym and swimming took a back seat.
Initially I found the hour training tiring but great fun, but after a couple of weeks I could really feel the heath benefits. The great thing with TKD is that it is like having a personal trainer who is always pushing you beyond what you think you can do.
I really saw the proof of this when I went out for a run after missing a class and managed an easy 6 miles. This was purely down to the 1 hour classes I take 2-3 times a week!
I would recommend TKD to anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels."

Martin Page

I stopped TKD training between about 2002 and 2008 but carried on running/cycling.

I had always missed TKD training. Over the years my back problems eased and I tried Sytchampton simply because it was very convenient. We live about a mile from the village hall and our Jack attends the school. One of the assistant instructor's younger son's is in my son's class and suggested I should give it a go. Class times fit in with my little boy's bed times better than other clubs. So in fact I found TKDSOE by accident. I was half expecting that you wouldn't recognise the other associations, grades & belts and was pleasantly surprised that you do, although it's taken me nearly six months to begin to approach the standard where I am not embarrassed to be wearing the belt and standing on the front row. It's surprised me just how much I've forgotten and by implication how much I must once have learnt. I had forgotten about half of the coloured belt patterns and felt as though I was doing 1st Dan patterns for the first time. Perhaps it can be an encouragement to coloured belts that some weeks ago I had to repeat Dan Gun about 12 times consecutively before I finally got it right. I simply developed a mental block. If I can get it wrong so can someone who has not done it so often. I still find that I do something stupid in the middle of a green belt pattern and that two-step suddenly deserts me.

Because of the ages of my boys and other commitments I can't easily spare the time to train formally more than once a week at the moment and even that is difficult sometimes. However I usually run several times a week. I hope to get myself back to a level that is acceptable fairly shortly although I have finally realised that I have to operate within my more limited flexibility. I'm struggling to come to terms with being nearer 50 than 40. It comes as a surprise when I suddenly find I can't do something.
My original intention in re-starting was to get the skills back a little - it seemed a shame to let them rot - and for fitness. However there's a part of me that's beginning to wonder about grading again. I know there's a huge amount of time and effort involved but in its way that is beginning to feel more attractive. That is down to TKDSOE and the welcome I've received, so thanks for that.


Ian Stirzaker

"...If you are looking for your child to take up Taekwondo / self defence then this is the club to join..."

I am the proud parent of two students that attend the Bewdley/ Kidderminster schools of Taekwondo. Their instructor is Mr Russell Perks and is supported by several assistant instructors. Mr Perks and his team are all fully committed and encourage the children at all times, the instructors have a very child friendly approach and this encourages the kids to flourish and ultimately results in successful gradings and progression in the skills of Taekwondo.

My children have been attending Taekwondo from the age of four / five and I am extremely proud to say that they are both now 2nd dan black belts. The journey towards this achievement has been exciting, fun and hard work.

The friendships that have been formed along the way have resulted in some very fun times and social events that are organised by Mr Perks are always a big favourite with the kids. They have the opportunity to attend annual summer pool parties, the Halloween party is a must and the kids are awarded prizes for their efforts at the fancy dress a firework display finishes the event well and is enjoyed by parents and children.

During the year there are several other workshops running and the children always have the opportunity to participate, the workshops cover topics such as grappling, self defence, sparring and the safe use of various weapons. It has become a regular event for a fight night to be organised twice yearly and this builds confidence encouraging the children to use the skills they learn in class.

I would highly recommend Mr Perks and his team they are full of energy and drive, their commitment is always 100% and the look on the kids faces and the enjoyment that they get from their classes is proof enough that it is a successful club that achieves the desired results, all children are treated equals and with respect, Taekwondo teaches respect and discipline and this is a good discipline for the children and they respond well to it. I will end there but if you are looking for your child to take up Taekwondo / self defence then this is the club to join I can assure you it will be the right choice.

Sarah Thomas and Ian Thomas
Mum and Dad of Fletcher and Millie.

"...Two years on I am still enjoying it as much as the day I started..."

"Starting taekwondo has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done! I had a six year period where I did no exercise and I decided I needed to do something to get fit. I'd always wanted to do a martial art, but at 30 I thought I was past it! I was asked to come along to a class at TKDSOE 'just to see' what it was like... Two years on I am still enjoying it as much as the day I started. I would recommend TKDSOE to anyone, any shape, any size. It amazed me how just about anyone can do it - my perception was 'only fit people can do that!'. And it's so much more than just fitness!

The motivation received from all the instructors is a massive plus! I have tried various other activities for fitness but I always got bored. The instructors keep everyone motivated, all of the time. I would wholeheartedly recommend this club to anyone who is contemplating getting fit, wants to start a martial art or even just to build self confidence!

Thank you TKDSOE!"

Daniel Barnes


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