Enter The...Dragon

On Saturday 26th February Tae kwon do Schools Of Excellence were honoured to host a jaw dropping seminar by screen movie fighter, 13 times world champion and Guinness world record holder, Master Zara Phythian, aka “Lady Dragon”  

The event was attended by over 140 martial arts students who had travelled all over the UK and supported by “Combat” Magazine and BlackBelt Inc. The event itself was hosted by Kidderminster & Bewdley Tae Kwon Do Schools of Excellence who alone has over 300 students. The day was attended by Students with various martial art backgrounds; Tae Kwon Do, Kick boxing, Mixed martial Arts, Extreme Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu.

Students on the day ranged from 5 through to 50 and an immense amount of fun was had by all. The morning session started with the juniors who trained in performance and acrobatic martial arts, this included the incredible “air pad” which gave the students a safe cushioned landing zone to practice their aerial flips.

The juniors session was followed by  photographs and signings by Zara Phythian which she then presented a crystal award to chief instructor and owner of Tae Kwon Do Schools of Excellence; Russell Perks for his outstanding contribution to the martial arts and the commitment to his instructors, students and other martial arts schools. In return Zara was presented with her very own personal oil painted portrait for her friendship with Tae Kwon Do Schools of Excellence.

Next up was an awesome display of talent from Zara’s students Miss Raven Wright and Trey “showtime” Drysdale. These two put an awesome display of skill, technique and delivery which wowed the 250 spectators in the room. Each move was choreographed to music and incorporated the use of martial arts weapons. Raven has just been on tour with popular dance troupe Diversity, while Trey is a world champion in weapons and forms.

The adults session followed, kick starting with a high tempo warm up then moving onto the brutal reality combat techniques, both were very intense and produced a great deal of sweat; the room was electric. The session ended with a tutorial in movie screen fighting techniques, this was a great deal of fun and gave great insight into the movie industry. Once students had mastered their fight sequence it was time to produce the finish product on the “airpad” where students could really ‘bust some moves’, “lights,camera, action!”

The whole event was filmed for Sky TV and will be aired later this year. This event was the largest martial arts seminar of its kind within the Worcestershire area and Zara commented “Tae Kwon Do Schools of Excellence do amazing things for both its students and the community, they are very heavily involved with in school and local group activities and the credit is all down to Russell for his hard work, we would like to thank him for his superb efforts on putting this event on today”