TKDSOE Becomes POW (Positive Opportunities Worcestershire) Provider

POW is a government project to help your child try new things that will help them at school and in life.

POW money is for children and young people whose families may find it difficult to pay for activities or who are in care.

Your child can choose from the activities offered at school or other places, like leisure centres or clubs. POW funding can also pay fees for clubs such as Martial Arts, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Brownies and many other organisations, even to join a local football team or music group. The funding can also pay for a pass for activities.

To find out if your child is able to use POW money you will need to speak to your child's school. Families who currently claim free school meals or children and young people who are looked after will definitely be able to.

If your child is able to use POW money you will need to talk to your child/children and decide which activities they would like to attend. If the activity is less than £5 per week you can book your child straight onto the activity and fill out an activity request form, which can be obtained by their school and hand it back to the school.

Please click here for a leaflet about the scheme.

Parent leaflet