NEW!!!! Introducer's Programme - Earn money!

A new programme we are launching gives you the chance to earn money simply by spreading the word about how much you enjoy your classes!

Sounds easy? It is. All you need to do is entice someone down to our classes. If they join, you will receive a voucher for £20, yes £20, for each membership!

We can provide you with vouchers to hand out to your friends, family and colleagues (or even total strangers!). All you need to do is ask for leaflets.

These vouchers can buy you many items with the club, like it putting toward some new sparring kit ... Club clothing... new do bok... you could even hand the voucher back in once the member has joined and put it towards your training fees... the possibilities are endless!
Vouchers are unlimited per student, the more students you bring in, the more vouchers you get.

If you require more information then please contact Mr. Perks