TKDSOE Novice Fight Night Success

April 2011

On Thursday 28th April our Sytchampton school hosted their very own Junior Novice Fight Night.

This grand event was attended by over 40 fighters to which have never competed before.

Both Kidderminster and Bewdley Schools had great success and came away with many medals.

Fight results are as follows:

Leyton Bridges - 1st
Joshua Smith - 1st
Jo Meese - 1st
Maxwell Perks - 1st
Jessica Surridge - 1st
Matthew Jackson - 1st
Yazmin Jennings - 1st
William Bishop - 1st
Aimee Johnson - 1st
Harry Williams - 1st
Elliot Morris - 1st
Catherine Martin - 1st

Sadie Hingley - 2nd
Ben Smith - 2nd
Luke Neill - 2nd
Alexandria Bishop - 2nd
Kayleigh Loughran - 2nd
Robbie Dalziel - 2nd
Marcus Bradley - 2nd
William Morris - 2nd
Jordan Neill - 2nd
Molly Brookes - 2nd
Fiona MacLeod Whitehouse - 2nd
Emily Harris - 2nd
Sophie MacLeod Whitehouse - 3rd

I would like to thank those that participated in the event and for stepping on to the mat for the first and the parents and students that came to show their support.

In the future we are planning on running more of these events to encourage more students.

To follow on from this event we will be running our very own fight night in conjunction with BlackBelt Inc. on Saturday 23rd July 2011 at Baxter College. This event event is open to all children and adults regardless of grade and experience, You will be matched up with a suitable opponent and everyone will come home with a medal or a trophy. If you are interested in entering then please email:

We look forward to seeing you there!