On Sunday 10th November 2013, TKDSOE ran their annual November black belt grading. 15 Members graded from Kidderminster, Cleobury Mortimer, and Bewdley. All participants were faced with an extreme mind, spirit and body challenge.

The grading included traditional and freestyle line work, patterns, pad work, self defence, set sparring , sparring, fitness work, ground fighting, and destruction which actually saw over 60 boards destroyed, plus more

Members that were successful are as follows:

Bewdley members
Ben Hobson - 3rd degree black belt

Kidderminster Members
Tracey Arnold - 1st degree black belt
Stella Lannon carter - 1st degree black belt
Jack Salter - 1st degree black belt - A Pass
Craig Rigsby - 1st degree black belt
Cameron Waldron - 1st degree black belt
Maxwell Perks - 1st degree black belt
Sol Clay - 1st degree black belt
Barney Loughran - 2nd degree black belt
Joe Meese - 2nd degree black belt
Aimme Johnson - 2nd degree black belt - A Pass
Steve Williams - 3rd degree black belt - A Pass
Chris King - 3rd degree black belt
Sam Meese - 4th degree black belt

Cleobury Mortimer Members
Neil Plumbley - 2nd degree black belt

The grading examiners on the day were, Master Russell Perks 6th degree black belt, Mr Matthew Ballard 5th degree black belt, Mr Sebastian Bird 4th degree black belt, Wayne Griffin 4th degree black belt, Mr Kai Wilson 3rd degree black belt and Mrs Sarah Wilson 3rd degree black belt. They were thoroughly impressed with the student’s outstanding dedication and performance and commented that they were are credit our clubs.

Well done to all members!