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TKDSOE (Tae Kwon Do Schools of Excellence) was founded for the benefit of all martial artists and all styles of Martial Arts, who wish to evolve and benefit from sharing knowledge without prejudice and politics with all who wish to help, learn and benefit.

TKDSOE is a Non Political, Non Interference, Non Prejudice and Totally Democratically run alliance of martial arts and Martial Artists from all Disciplines, Styles and Systems, Old and New, Traditional, Modern and Sporting.

All of our instructors and members are truly committed to TKDSOE for the true spirit of the martial arts, for our fellow martial Artists and for the betterment of all who participate and partake in them, Our goal is to Unite as many People, Students, Instructors, Coach's and Clubs etc, and form an organisation that truly is for the benefit of us all.

So join us here at TKDSOE and get national recognition, membership to a true martial arts organisation, access and gain access to courses, events, tournaments, competitions, championships, national and international. Whether you're an individual instructor, student or club regardless of your style or size etc, you're welcome here at TKDSOE.

TKDSOE can support and advice to all instructors and clubs with everything from:

• Marketing
• Advertising that works
• Classroom drills and skills
• Improving your teaching style and ways of hiding repetition
• Assistances in doubling your student base!
• Instructor training
• Competitions & fight nights
• Workshops and seminars
• Instructors insurance indemnity
• Student insurance and licencing
• H.S.E. Qualified first aid courses
• Colour belt gradings
• National Black belt gradings - recognised by the B.C.K.M.A. (British Council for Korean Martial Arts)

If you would like to become part of the TKDSOE please feel free
to contact us via the email link on the contacts page.

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