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On this page you will find some helpful information for you to get started in the martial art of Tae kwon do. Your first lesson is free and all you need to wear is loose fitting bottoms and a t-shirt. If you continue with your training, you will need a licence, which will cost you £18 for the year. Gradings happen every 3 months up to blue belt then every 6 months and they cost £18. It is recommended that you purchase your suit about 3 weeks into your training, Please speak to the instructor of the club.


Training fees are paid monthly either £15 for one lesson a week or £29 for two lessons a week. They are paid by standing order - PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT AGREEMENT AND CAN BE CANCELLED AT ANY TIME. If you wish to pay cash then please speak to the instructor.


About Tae Kwon Do...

Tae Kwon Do originates from Korea and is a modern adaptation of an ancient form of unarmed combat.

The word "Tae" means to jump or kick with your feet; "Kwon" is a fist, and therefore means to punch or destroy with your hands or fists; and "Do" is an art or way. Combining these three words, Tae Kwon Do is a martial art that practises both hand and foot techniques. Tae Kwon Do involves self-defence, free-style sparring, traditional moves and techniques, patterns and line-work.

In Tae Kwon Do there are five tenets.
Courtesy, Integrity, Perservence, Self Control and Immoditable sprit.

When you start practising Tae Kwon Do, you would be taught a mixture of styles of techniques including basic punching, kicking, Traditional techniques and self-defence, to name but a few.



From an open hand position roll the fingers tightly towards the palm, then using a little pressure place the thumb on the forefinger. A good exercise to get your fingers loose is to practice squeezing a squash ball tightly in your hand, after continued use your fists will form properly.Please follow the guide below:

Hand is extended.
Roll your fingers so your finger nails are over the base of your fingers.
Continue rolling your fingers towards the center of your palm.
Secure your fist by placing your thumb perpendicularly over your first two fingers.
For your fist to be in a strong position make sure the back of your hand is flat.

Three points to remember when making a fist are:

1. Don't leave any air in the fist

2. Clench tightly on impact

3. Don't bend the wrist Contact with the front inner two knuckles.


From fighting stance. Lift your back leg with your knee moving in a upwards motion towards your chest (this is called chambering the leg).
Then kick out your leg towards the target.
You are to make contact with the ball of the foot.
After kicking, bend your leg back towards your knee.
Place your foot on the ground and get back into fighting stance

Belt Colours

Like all the other martial arts, you also start off as a white belt in Tae Kwon Do. We call it 10th Kup or Grade. The grades are as follows:

Colour Belt Rank
White Belt
Tenth Kup (grade)
Yellow stripe
Ninth Kup
Yellow Belt
Eighth Kup
Yellow/Green Stripe Belt
Seventh Kup
Green Belt
Sixth Kup
Green/Blue Stripe Belt
Fifth Kup
Blue Belt
Fourth Kup
Blue/Red Stripe Belt
Third Kup
Red Belt
Second Kup
Red/Black Stripe Belt
First Kup
Black Belt
First to Ninth Dan

Basic Korean terminology

Here are some basic Korean terminology we use in the school.

Korean English Action
Dojang Training Hall Bow before you enter and leaver
Dobuk Training Suit Keep clean, tidy
Charyot Attention Both feet together, hands by the side
Kyong-Ye Bow Bow
Chumbi Ready Feet one shoulder-width apart, parallel, Both fists in front of your belt
Berrol Back to Ready Stance Back to Ready Stance
Si-ja Start Begin


Click image above to enlarge

1. Starting with end that has the stripe(s) on your left side, place the mid point of your belt over your belly button and hold it with your right hand.

2. Reach back and around with your left hand and bring the end without the stripes to your belly. Place it under you right hand. Holding the belt at your belly button still, grab the striped end (marked yellow) with your left hand and wrap it back around the right hip and finally to the front.

3. Take the striped end, place it on top of the other two belt layers and loop it under and up again.

Follow the pictures for steps 4-9 to complete the process.

This animation may help you...


(performing a right hand low block)

1. Place your right hand on top of your left hand with your right palm facing towards you and your left palm facing away from you (Backs of the hands to face).

2. At the same time position both hands up towards your left shoulder.

3. Then move your Right hand in a straight movement downwards (keeping the right arm slightly bent). With the left hand place this back to the waist in a fist position with the fingers facing upwards.

4. Stop when your arm is above your front leg.

5. Your right hand should be a fist and half away from your lead knee.

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